• Length of hair must to be at least ¼ inch long.

  • No shaving for at least 2-3 weeks.

  • It is recommended to take a hot shower before your waxing appointment.

  • It is ok with us for clients to come on their period as long as they are wearing a tampon. If you are not comfortable with that please try to take your cycle into consideration when booking the appointment.

  • Don’t use any lotions or creams in the area to be waxed.

  • A pain reliever/anti-inflammatory can be taken 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

  • Don’t use topical numbing gel, they can interfere to get the best waxing results.

  • Let us know if you have been on any skin medications that could affect your waxing service. These include acne medications such as Accutane, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, Antibiotics, Benzoyl Peroxide, Differin, Retin-A/Retinol or any other skin thinning medication.

  • Reduce intake of caffeine the day of your appointment as it can stimulate the nervous system, making you more sensitive to waxing.

  • Avoid spray tanning, sun bathing, and tanning bed within 24 hours of waxing, before or after.


  • Avoid exercise, hot bath/shower, sauna, steam, hot tub, pools and beaches 24 hours after waxing. Sweating can carry bacteria into the pores and can irritate the skin after waxing.

  • Keep hands from touching freshly waxed skin, minimizing chances of getting irritations or small pimples.

  • Cold shower is the best after waxing!

  • Daily exfoliation is recommended to prevent ingrowns. You can use gloves or facial scrubs to exfoliate the skin 48 hours after waxing.

  • Avoid tight clothing after waxing, especially in the waxed areas. Tight clothing may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

  • Avoid the sun immediately after waxing and please wear sun screen; recently waxed areas are prone to hyperpigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun.